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Lancaster Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for Bankruptcy in Palmdale or Lancaster? Price Law Group can help.

At Price Law Group, the attorney team has provided personal legal representation in debt related problems for years, and has assisted over 60,000 individuals to get the relief they need through filing bankruptcy. The firm assists clients in filing chapter 7 and chapter 13, as well as offering a variety of alternatives that are geared to bring you a final resolution to serious debt problems. Click on the link for the page to get more information about specific services a Lancaster bankruptcy lawyer from the firm could provide you.

Bankruptcy FAQ Do you have questions about filing for bankruptcy in Palmdale or Lancaster? There is a lot of false information that has been spread through the internet or through friends and associates, and you need to know that you have correct information so you can make the right decision. Click here for questions and answers on bankruptcy FAQ...

Chapter 7 Those individuals that have little or no hope of paying off their outstanding debt are probably eligible to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which your consumer debt is discharged. This essentially gives a complete fresh financial start, and you will no longer owe outstanding credit card debt, personal unsecured loans, medical bills and other debts you cannot pay. Read more about chapter 7...

Chapter 13 Those who are in serious debt-related financial problems but have too many assets to qualify for chapter 7 can file chapter 13 bankruptcy. This allows them to restructure their debts and handle overdue financial obligations over a 3 - 5 year period in one payment. For individuals who don't want to lose their home, this can be a valuable and effective resolution. Read more about chapter 13...

Credit Repair Many people who are considering filing for bankruptcy are concerned about their credit after bankruptcy. Although it is true that bankruptcy will be evident on your credit report, it is likely that your credit has already been severely damaged by late payments, foreclosure threats, and other actions. Repairing your credit, either after filing bankruptcy or currently can be assisted by the firm. Read more about credit repair...

Foreclosure Prevention Are you in danger of losing your home through foreclosure? There are actions that can be taken to help you prevent the loss of your property and all the stress and personal loss that goes along with it. At Price Law Firm, the legal team is very qualified to help you to defend against foreclosure through specific legal action that is determined through reviewing your personal financial situation. Read more about foreclosure prevention...

Loan Modification If you are one of the thousands of people in the Palmdale or Lancaster area that is paying a mortgage that is has unreasonable terms, or your home is mortgaged far beyond its current market value (an "underwater mortgage") you can get legal help from an attorney from the firm to negotiate for a loan modification. In many cases, lenders are more willing to work with a law firm, as they know that an attorney from the firm can review the case and may be able to take action against THEM. Read more about a loan modification...

Short Sale Negotiation There are hundreds of thousands of homes that were sold during the subprime mortgage boom and are now financed far beyond their current value. These properties often do not make financial sense to hold on to, and a short sale could be the best option. If not carefully managed, there are dangers in a short sale. Read more about a short sale negotiation...

Debt Settlement Are you being hounded by creditors who want payment no matter what? When you cannot pay an outstanding debt, there are options to reduce the amount owed and make reasonable payment terms. These issues are best addressed with quality legal counsel that knows exactly how low a creditor will really go, saving you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Read more about debt settlement...

Creditor Abuse You are protected under federal law from certain types of collection activities. These include the times of day that you can legally be called, the number of times you can be called in any given day, and how the creditor speaks with you. If you are a victim of creditor abuse, you may be eligible to recover damages from the firm that has violated your rights. Read more about creditor abuse...

Insurance Settlement If you are expecting an insurance settlement you may discover that it can be very difficult to get the settlement you deserve. At Price Law Firm, an attorney from the firm can help you get these issues resolved and will fight for the settlement that you truly deserve under the terms of your policy. Read more about insurance settlements...

Tax Resolution Do you owe back taxes and are faced with wage garnishment, levied bank accounts or other problems? How these matters are resolved can greatly affect your financial health, and the attorney from the firm knows exactly how to negotiate these issues. The taxing authorities can be extremely difficult to deal with and having qualified legal assistance can allow to you get every possible advantage. Read more about tax resolution...

Do I Qualify For Bankruptcy? When the bankruptcy laws were amended in 2005, the requirements for filing chapter 7 were made more stringent. The purpose was to keep those who had many assets from being able to discharge their debt though chapter 7. Most people who are suffering severe financial stress will still qualify to file this form of bankruptcy, and if not, will qualify for chapter 13. Read more about do I qualify for bankruptcy...

How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost? The cost of filing bankruptcy is usually much less than is expected. At the firm, a Lancaster bankruptcy lawyer not only assists through every step of the process, the rates are reasonable for representing you. The savings you get after filing usually more than make up for any of the costs that are involving in filing. Read more about how much does bankruptcy cost...

How Can I Save My Home? If you file bankruptcy, you can increase the options to save your home. There is an automatic stay on all collections actions and this allows time for negotiating with your lender to get a better rate, reduce the actual amount owed, or seek another alternative. It is important that you make the right moves if you are threatened with foreclosure. Read more about can I save my home...

What Is FDCPA? The FDCPA is the Federal Debt Collections Practices Act, a federal law that protects consumers from creditor abuse and harassment. Those debt collection companies that violate this law could face legal action and could be forced to pay you damages. Read more about the FDCPA...

Wage Garnishment Are you suffering from having your pay garnished through a judgment or by a tax authority? This can cause very serious financial problems including being unable to manage your daily cost of living. If you are threatened with, or are already having your wages garnished, the firm can help get the matter resolved quickly. Read more about wage garnishment...

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act The FDCPA is a federal Act that protects consumers from unfair debt collection actions. There are specific restrictions about what a creditor can and cannot do, and if they are violated, the company can be held accountable through legal action taken against them. Read more about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act...

Repossession If you facing possession of your vehicle, work tools or other items that have been bought on time, you need to act quickly to ensure the process is halted. An attorney from the firm is well aware of how to stop repossessions and to protect your needed personal possessions. It is advised that you contact the firm as quickly as possible to avoid the process from moving forward, as the costs will increase. Read more about repossession...

Debt Counseling As one of the current requirements for filing bankruptcy, you will need to engage in debt counseling by a debt counseling service that has the right credentials. The firm can provide you with a list of qualified debt counseling services, and help you move forward with filing for bankruptcy, or offer you other more advantageous options, based upon your personal situation. Read more about debt counseling...

Contact a Lancaster bankruptcy attorney from the firm for more information. The firm serves the areas of Lancaster and Palmdale in bankruptcy and other debt solutions.

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